I am originally from Nicaragua (born and raised) where I attended the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) for my bachelor studies, graduating with honors in applied economics in 2015.

Just after finishing my bachelor degree, I moved to the Republic of Korea to study one year of Korean language and two years of a Master’s degree at KDI School of Public Policy and Management. At KDI School, I developed a major interest in two subfields of economic research: (1) impact evaluations and (2) economic history. I graduated summa cum laude in August 2018 and stayed in Korea for 1 year as an RA to Professor Booyuel Kim and Professor Hee-Seung Yang working on the long-term impact of the civil war in Nicaragua and on the evaluation of social programs also in Nicaragua.

Simultaneously, I worked with Professor Nathaniel Lane of SoDa Labs @ Monash University and the University of Oxford, constructing a novel dataset on assassination events of environmental activists. Just after completing my RAship at KDI School, I moved to Mexico City, where I was an RA to Professor Mauricio Romero. I was working on the long-term impacts of outsourcing schools in Liberia. And just after finishing my RAship in Mexico, I moved to DC to work at the World Bank.

You can find details about my current work in the research tab of this website.

On a personal note, I play Overwatch. Nonetheless, I am still low Diamond.